Monday, August 3, 2009


It has been a long time since I picked up the "pen" to write my blog. For any number of reasons, I have suffered from blogger's block (if such a thing exists). This month, an article in JAMA troubled me enough that I feel compelled to restart my musings, focused mainly on the sometimes brilliant and sometimes not-so-brilliant material that is published every day in the medical literature. I will post a separate note about that article.

In restarting, I feel the need to explain. My writings are mainly focused on new articles that are printed in the peer reviewed medical literature. The peer reviewed medical literature for those who are less familiar with the way medical progress moves forward, is the chief mechanism for new health knowledge to be distributed, challenged and ultimately accepted. A new fact is not considered a fact until it has undergone significant vetting through this literature, a neverending process to some extenet. I admit to a love of this genre despite it often being obtuse and difficult. My main goal in this blog is to take that sometimes incoherent body of writing and make it understandable to the general public. Think of me in this regard as a cross between a critic and an interpretor.

So I restart, renew and reinvigorate my blog. Here's hoping it creates clarity rather than more confusion.