Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Purpose Driven Company

I admit that I have great pride when I see my children quoted.  However my reason for sharing this particular article which references the second of my four children, is about the message that he gives and how it applies to my own company, Accolade, and to all organizations involved in health care. 

Accolade was built as a purpose driven company, with a goal of helping people through the complexity and confusion of health care by creating a new profession – the profession of Health Assistant.  We were built with the vision that every person in the United States will someday have a Health Assistant and that Accolade Health Assistants will be the best in the world supported by the best systems and the best organization. 

In this particular article, Rob is quoted as saying about Good Eggs, his company, “we’re a company full of folks who are doing this because [we] want to make the world a better place.”  That also describes all of us at Accolade and it describes how all people building new health care organizations should approach the tasks before them. 

In CSR Wire, the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire, Rob describes eight lessons on how to build and run a purpose-driven company.  All of you who are trying to build health care organizations, either as new entities or within established organizations should think about these lessons as you approach your missions of helping those in need.